Rags to Riches – Birth Announcement

Liberty has given birth to a lovely little girl call Melody. Both mother and daughter are doing well.

All the family are excited to welcome a new baby to the family.


Rags to Riches – A growing family

As Liberty and Andy got to know Kelley, they realised that her best friend, Asia, was still at the orphange. After discussing it at length, Andy went to the orphange and adopted Asia.  Kelley was so surprised that her new family would be willing to adopt Asia.  As soon as they saw each other, they ran up and gave each other a hug.

12-28-15_9-14-36 PM

Kelley introduced Asia to Kai and explained how Kai was a wonderful brother and that they would all get along.

After talking for a while, Asia, Kai and Kelley went inside and played the new Llama game that all the kids are playing.  Asia won the first game.

Feeling that their family was complete, Liberty was surprised to find out that she was pregnant again.

12-28-15_9-22-21 PM

And to make the day complete, Andy became an elder.  His writing prowess is paying off and he is earning a nice salary from the books and screenplays he has written and published.

Rags to Riches – A new family member

Liberty visited Willow Creek Orphange to see how far she has come.  While there, she saw a girl named Kelley, who reminded Liberty of herself at the same age.  They got to talking and Liberty couldn’t help but feel that she could give Kelley the childhood that she, herself, never had.

After completing the relevant paperwork, Liberty left the orphange with her newest family member.

Andy, Romeo and Kai welcomed Kelley into the family and made her feel right at home.

Liberty took Kelley to the optometrist and got her contact lenses, to save her worrying about her glasses.  Liberty then took Kelley to the shopping centre to buy her some new clothes and shoes.  Kelley loves her new family and her new look.

12-28-15_3-50-20 PM

Due to Kelley’s arrival, Liberty has extended the house.  Due to the amount of space they have, Liberty and Andy are thinking of adopting another child, or two.

12-28-15_3-36-44 PM

Rags to Riches – Love leads to Family

Liberty met and fell in love with Andy.  Andy was a sweetheart who made sure Liberty new she was loved.  They started dating and became boyfriend/girlfriend just before Liberty became an adult.  Not long after, they got engaged and fell pregnant with their son, Romeo.  

Liberty and Andy demolished and rebuilt a two bedroom house on Liberty’s property.

Not long after, Liberty and Andy were married and fell pregnant with their second son, Kai and expanded their house again.

Romeo has just become a teenager and was the spitting image of his dad.

So Romeo had a makeover so they no longer are mistaken for twins.

12-27-15_3-16-30 PM

Liberty would love a large family to make up for her childhood.  Will Andy and Liberty have more children?

Rags to Riches – Best Friend

Liberty met and has become best friends with Johnny Zest who lives just up the road from her.  Johnny has never judged Liberty on her start in life.  She has confided all her secrets in Johnny and he has stood by her through some of her worst moments.  

Johnny supported Liberty and helped her to hire a builder when she had enough money to build a house.

12-24-15_8-16-19 PM

Johnny introduced Liberty to Andy, who became her boyfriend.  When Andy proposed, Johnny helped Liberty to celebrate and was Liberty’s witness at her wedding.  

Johnny continues to be by Liberty’s side supporting her as any best friend would.



Rags to Riches Challenge

Liberty Layton has grown up in the Willow Creek Orphange.  Liberty was dropped off at the orphange in the hours after her birth.  She has never known why her parents left her at the orphange or what happened to them.  Liberty was unfortunate to never be adopted, maybe it was the hard look in her eyes as she got older, seeing the other babies and young children being adopted.  Now that she turned 18, Liberty has had to leave the orphange.  With no where to go, Liberty has begun her adult life on the streets of Willow Creek.


Due to her fishing prowess and gathering skills, Liberty was able to purchase a block of land in neighbouring Oasis Springs after a month of sleeping on park benches.  She was able to purchase a tent, a cooler to keep minimal food in.